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1️⃣ Fitsurance offers a solution by combining health diagnostics with lifestyle interventions into so-called data-driven lifestyle coaching. Their aim is to advocate for a shift in focus from treatment to prevention. Want to know more? Check out
2️⃣ Bridges the gap between aim-to-be-sustainable millennials and businesses who offer waste-free products or services in multiple European cities. Their wegozero map builds a community around a common goal: make a change in our habits to create a more liveable environment. Learn more on
3️⃣ Provides a web-based guest app for hotels that enables them to provide their guests with a seamless, autonomous experience to cater for the next generation of hotel guests. The tool improves staff efficiency whiles creating a better guest experience that results in higher reviews. Check out for more information.
4️⃣ Intrical AI is an automated dossier-building tool, which revolutionizes deal sourcing and market research by aggregating information from various online sources, in just one place. The startup has unfortunately stopped its activities.
5️⃣ Hotelshousing is a B2B platform that unburdens companies in finding extended stay accommodation in Amsterdam for their personnel. Their platform allows you to book an extended stay between 10 days and 6 months in the best Amsterdam-based hotels, in 3 easy steps. Want to know more? Check out
6️⃣ Binqy helps individuals and organizations prevent burnout and improve performance by monitoring and mapping the well-being of working professionals using their science-based software. They aim at using science to create a burnout-free world. Learn more at


7️⃣ Madglove is developing and marketing an innovative and accessible home-based rehabilitation solution to improve hand dexterity in individuals suffering from spasticity. Their solution is a simple, easy-to-use glove that stabilizes the wrist, extends the fingers and improves hand function during daily activities, giving a person back their independence. Check out for more information.

8️⃣ OVIO is a comprehensive app for smart homes with Home Assistant, offering intuitive management of various devices like lights, window covers, media devices, and smart appliances. It integrates with alarm systems, locks, and security sensors for added safety and convenience. With visual automation features, users can easily drag and drop their ideas onto an infinite canvas, transforming their home into a smart and automated environment. Learn more at for more information.


Are you the founder of an early-stage startup and in need of an initial investment to help you grow your business

Amsterdam Academic Angel Fund is ready to accept new applications! Check out our requirements and apply directly here.

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